Wild Food Foraging Thursday

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In preparation for our Machine Wilderness workshop coming up in November, we spent a morning discovering edible plants around Penryn with Rachel Lambert from Wild Food Foraging.

Photo 08-10-2015, 10 51 21

It was an incredibly beautiful day, and Rachel was so knowledgeable. This is the Linden Tree that chilled us all out maximally for the rest of the day.

Photo 08-10-2015, 10 27 10

Nettles – good for the body and soul, nutritionally dense, wonderful in tea. Commonly cooked in a potato/milk based soup, i’d actually love to try crisping them up.

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 07 28

These berries from the Yew Tree were incredible. Absolutely deadly if you eat anything other than the fruity flesh, the power of the internet has since instilled fear of eating them again although Rachel reassured us we would be just fine if responsible. Delicious and syrupy, makes me think of confectionary jellies and cordial. Would feel dubious about using a big batch of these, but it’s a taste I want to experience again (and a lot of).

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 09 06

Oskar was our secondary tour guide.

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 13 50

We found Sorrel, which was surprisingly lemony and fresh, and slightly sour, something I have never tried alone. I don’t know why I was so surprised about the intensity of the flavours in our foraging, generally accustomed to assuming that the most flavourful produce is already available in grocers, supermarkets etc, with tastes of rocket, lemon, coriander and such. This is not true, obviously, and makes more sense that food free of pesticides grown in rich and natural surroundings is superior to the mass cultivated stuff. Also, as Amber pointed out, there’s an element of excitement discovering a new flavour for the first time, something we don’t experience much as adults.

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 29 19

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 36 46

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 48 05

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 41 53

Oh, my favourite, Sea Spinach, absolute wonder plant and taker of my heart. I never thought i’d crave eating a leaf so much, but it’s subtle saltiness and gorgeous texture gave me the most inspiration yesterday.

Photo 08-10-2015, 11 44 15

We’re hoping to cater for the workshop using foraged produce, but more structured brainstorming on that soon. At the moment i’m enjoying eating the bits and bobs we collected and daydreaming of food.