Francesca Sargent

Cricket Tales: Some visual inspiration

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Amber found some beautiful images to take inspiration from. We both agreed that we like illustrated, textural and watercolour elements, the game does not need to be specifically Flat UI or 8 bit or Bootstrap or anything. Although functional design is wonderful, we’d like to stay away from anything too literal or technical (whilst still being accurate). The specifics of this can be adjusted as the game emerges and the final elements can be put in place, as of course the functionality is paramount. The colour palette above is extracted…read more

Cricket Tales: Brainstorming the Workflow

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Following a meeting with the Wild Crickets team at the University of Exeter, Amber and I spent some time brainstorming a workflow for the Cricket Tales game, and considering how to integrate it with the existing system. Training We had discussed a training interface for all new users – registered or guests. We would like all visitors to engage with the game wether registered or not, however the ‘game’ aspect can only progress for the user when they become a member of the site and can adopt burrows. This way…read more