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Change of location, brain scans, Mineways, OBJs, smiles 🙃

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I didn’t wait until the morning to try Mineways. More on that in a second, though. We have been notified of a particular place of interest within the data, this being in Luton – it feels good to have a central place of significance to work on now. The area is about 520msq, made up of four voxel ’tiles’, so I spent some time bringing other parts of the project up to date with that. Alas, four delicious cross section scans: Jo has also started to 3D print earlier Fluxus…read more

Exporting OBJs from Minecraft for 3D printing (spoiler, not so fabulous)

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After rendering voxel data in Minecraft Pi, the next logical (and exciting) step was to export the blocks as a 3D file ready for 3D printing. Jo is the master of all things 3D and tangible, so I have been very excited to send this off to her – after a day of dallying around, we are definitely closer to that goal. Still new(ish) to thinking in 3D, I found Dave’s wisdom invaluable in this transition, so thank you 👌. Up to this point, I had been exporting .OBJ files…read more

The General Opinion

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Well, this has been floating in my drafts for a while. The General Opinion is a collection of thoughts and ideas about art, provoked by carefully chosen prompts. Sometimes, these prompts are general, and sometimes these prompts are location or theme specific. The idea is to create a queryable collation of recorded thoughts, and later analyse them – the hope is for institutions and individuals to be able to use this in some way, as well as expanding an honest discussion about feelings towards art. The description on the website,…read more

Tidelight: Proof of Concept

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Recently, in my spare time, I have been working on a little project called ‘Tidelight’. There is capacity for it to become ‘Tidelamp’, but not just yet. Last summer, I spent a while living on a houseboat. Come autumn, it became necessary (and preferable) to move into a house on slightly higher and more stable, dry lands… however, I found myself yearning to know what the tide was doing at most points of the day. See, when the tide went away from Penryn River,…read more

Quirky title emphasis idea w/ Regex and JQuery Selectors

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  This was a surprisingly easy little project I set myself on a snotty-nosed day of being a winter hermit – a simple way to add emphasis to titles by changing the font of the text preceding a string’s first colon. Here, I was working with WordPress as my platform, but of course this can be applied to anything HTML/CSS/JS, and was adapted from this JSFiddle. yourjavascriptfile.js $(document).ready(function() {  $(‘.blog-title’).html(function(i, h){   return h.replace(/^([^:]*)\:/, ‘$&’);  }); }); Where .blog-title is the CSS Selector for your chosen title. In my case, my…read more